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Air Force is ready for a two-front war: IAF chief

The Indian Air Force (IAF) is ready for any possible conflict including a two-front war with China and Pakistan, Air Chief Marshal RKS Bhadauria said on Monday in the annual Air Force Day press conference.

“The IAF is ready for any possible conflict including a two-front war. The emerging threat scenario in our neighbourhood and beyond mandates a need to have a robust capability to fight across the entire spectrum of warfare. Let me share with you confidently that operationally, we are among the best,” the Air Chief said.

Bhadauria also mentioned that the integration of Rafales gave the IAF an operational and technological edge which would enable them to ‘shoot first and strike deep and hard’.

“The integration of Rafales brings in a platform armed with weapons, sensors and technologies that were way ahead and will give us an operational and technological edge in this area. Combined with upgraded operational capabilities of our current fighter fleets that is underway, it gives us the ability to shoot first, and strike deep and hard, even in contested air space. IAF is working proactively to enhance integration and operability amongst the three services which will boost our war-waging potential,” he said.
When asked about the deployment of Air Force in Ladakh during the standoff with China, he said, “We have deployed forces to all relevant operational locations, required to access this area. Be rest assured that we’ve deployed strongly and are firmly in place to handle any contingency.”

He further said, “Our plan of action for the Northeast is very much there. Our capability in the Northeast, in terms of the ability of airpower to dictate what will happen in case of any scenario or conflict in that situation, would be very strong.”

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