BJP Spokesman of Kupwara along with his team Joins AIPNP

In the biggest political turn-arounds on Sunday in Kupwara, Mr. Mir Basharat P.A to Ex. MLA and District Spokesperson BJP along with his team across the district Kupwara joined the All India Peoples National Party.

On this occasion AIPNP and soul with the visionary and dynamic leadership of party president Mudasir Tantray, Mir Basharat stated that to empower youth he had to take the decision as the parties he had been affiliated with had and have been leaving no stone unturned to add the miseries of the youth.

It’s because of this gesture from regional parties, more and more youth are drawn towards being addicted to drugs. For Mir Basharat, regional parties are nothing more than roitmongers who believe in dynasty ruling.

During affiliation with Bhartiya Janta Party, Mir Basharat stated that it’s one the biggest National Parties in India and it was an honour to be part of it but the self pro claimed managers at District level are the reason for his exit from Party because for them it was and it will be self interest not joining the commoners with the party, in trivial language they are like If I’ve to choose between people and me- I like me better.

Mir furthur added that youth have the power to mould the destiny of any nation and with visionary mindset of Mr. Mudasir Tantary, Kashmir will mould its destiny.

Lastly, Mir in his statement said that his first step in bringing some sigh of relief to the people of Kupwara district will be to implement AGMUT to administrative departments at the District level.

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