Brace for higher fees on registration, renewal if your vehicle is over 15-year-old

The Centre has issued a draft notification to increase the cost of renewal, registration, and fitness certificate of vehicles older than 15 years.

The Union Road and Transport Ministry has issued the Central Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Rules, 2021, under which it has proposed a hike in charges for renewal and grant of fitness certificate of vehicles older than 15 years. The proposed legislation will come into effect from October 1, 2021.

According to the draft notification, an individual will have to shell out up to Rs 5,000 for renewing the registration of his more than a 15-year-old car — eight times higher than the current price. For two-wheelers, the charges of renewal and registration would be Rs 1,000 compared to the current fee of Rs 300. For more than 15-year-old imported vehicles, the proposed renewal fee is Rs 40,000.

Total Rs 10,000 will be charged for renewal and grant of fitness certificate for medium goods or passenger motor vehicles. And, for 15-year-old heavy goods or large passenger motor vehicles, like trucks and buses, the renewal certificate charges are likely to increase to Rs 12,500. For a taxi or cab, the charges would be Rs 7,000 and for a three-wheeler or quadricycle, it would go up to Rs 3,500.

Further, the transport ministry has increased the amount of penalty for the delay in renewing the registration of vehicles older than 15 years. According to the proposal, a private vehicle would attract Rs 300 to Rs 500 per month for delay in renewing registration. The penalty would be Rs 50 for the delay in the renewal of the fitness certificate for commercial vehicles.

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