COVID-19: India Records 2,95,041 Fresh Cases, 2,023 Fatalities in 24 Hrs

India is witnessing a terrifying increase in coronavirus cases in the past few weeks. Wednesday saw another new record when the country racked up 2,95,041 new cases, with no sign that the surge is abating.

India reported 2,95,041 fresh cases, 2023 new deaths, 1.26 lakh rise in active cases, 1.67 lakh new recoveries.

Today is the seventh straight day when the country is recording over two lakh new cases. While the new cases and new deaths are at an all-time high.

Fatalities rose by a record 2,023 to 1,82,553 and the country’s tally of more than 1.56 crore Covid cases is the second-highest globally, behind the United States and ahead of Brazil.

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