Depletion of oxygen in Kashmir waterbody killing fish

Due to pollution leading to depletion of oxygen, scores of fish can be seen coming over the surface of Brari Nambal waterbody in Kashmir’s capital Srinagar.

Some believe that the inflow of fertilizers and waste from Dal Lake into the lagoon is behind this situation.

Brari Nambal, also known as Bab Demb, is a small freshwater lake located in Kashmir’s capital Srinagar. It is connected to Dal lake via a channel and is therefore sometimes referred to as a lagoon of Dal lake.

Eyewitnesses told a local news agency, Kashmir News Trust (KNT), that fish can be seen floating on the surface due to the lack of oxygen. They said scores of fish have died in the water body.

“The dumping of garbage from the people around the waterbody can also be blamed for lagoon’s biodiversity over time, rendering its water unusable, and killing fish,” said a local resident Imtiyaz Ahmed.

He said even humans find it difficult to breathe because of the intolerable stench.

This lagoon is dying thick and fast due to official apathy. “Nothing is being done to preserve this waterbody,” another local said. (KNT)

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