Intas Foundation held Physiotherapy Camp for Hemophilia Patients at SMHS

The Intas Foundation, in a commendable collaboration with the Hemophilia Treatment Center at Government Medical College (GMC), Srinagar, conducted a specialized physiotherapy camp that marked a significant stride in healthcare outreach for individuals with hemophilia. The camp, held at the Hemophilia Day Care Centre within SMHS Hospital, Kara nagar Srinagar, witnessed the participation of 23 beneficiaries from various districts.

The camp was inaugurated by Dr. Asifa, Medical officer, HTC at SMHS Hospital, with the esteemed presence of Dr. Zahoor, a renowned physiotherapist. The event was characterized by personalized physiotherapy assessments and the formulation of individualized treatment plans catering to a range of conditions, including musculoskeletal issues, neurological disorders, and post-operative rehabilitation needs.

Hemophilia, a genetic disorder that affects the body’s clotting ability, can lead to prolonged bleeding, joint damage, and arthritis. Addressing this, the camp’s comprehensive physiotherapy program emphasized exercises, manual therapy, and self-care techniques designed to strengthen muscles, enhance joint stability, and foster an active lifestyle while preventing injury.

Participants received home care kits, including thyro bands, exercise balls, knee caps, and crepe bandages, enabling them to continue their rehabilitation at home. The distribution of these kits underscores the Intas Foundation’s commitment to empowering patients with the means to manage their condition effectively.

The camp also featured educational sessions, where physiotherapists elucidated the role of exercise in building muscle strength, flexibility, and coordination, thereby safeguarding joints and expediting recovery after bleeding episodes. A documentary on hemophilia and self-infusion further enriched the attendees’ understanding of their condition.

Dr. Zahoor, a distinguished physiotherapist, along with the medical officers and para-medical staff of HTC SMHS Hospital, expressed their satisfaction with the camp’s outcomes. The Intas Foundation received heartfelt gratitude for its unwavering support and dedication to enhancing the well-being of the hemophilia community.

As the camp concluded, beneficiaries shared their intentions to utilize the home care kits and apply the learned exercises to improve their physical health. The success of the camp highlighted the critical role of collaborative efforts in advancing health and wellness, particularly for underserved communities.

The Intas Foundation remains dedicated to its mission of uplifting marginalized sections of society through health initiatives, ensuring that no one with hemophilia faces their challenges alone. This event stands as a testament to the power of community, compassion, and care in transforming lives. Tanveer Ahmad, Project Associate of the Intas Foundation and Mehvish Ismail, Project Consultant for Jammu and Kashmir took the opportunity to extend their heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Bilal, Head of the Hemophilia Treatment Center, the medical officers, and the physiotherapists for their invaluable contributions to the success of the camp.

About Intas Foundation.
Intas Foundation, the CSR wing of INTAS Pharmaceuticals Ltd., is devoted to social responsibility initiatives that aim to uplift marginalized communities. With a focus on health and well-being, the foundation continues to make a profound impact through various health-centric programs.

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