Quash UAPA charges, release Safoora Zargar and others: AIP

Srinagar: Terming the incarceration of pregnant Safoora Zargar as a new feather in the cap of fascist Government in New Delhi, Awami Itehad Party called out BJP for its vendetta politics and stooping lower with every passing day.

It is a bitter fact that empirical data shows draconian laws like UAPA, Disturbed areas act, previously TADA and POTA. Similarly laws like Armed forces special powers act and public safety act in Kashmir have always been used to silence and muzzle Minorities, Dalits, tribals, Muslims and Kashmiris in particular.

These laws have time and again been used especially to gag, rights activists and pro-people voices as we are witnessing even today said AIP leader and Party Spokesperson Sheeban Ashai. The very reason TADA and POTA had to be repealed was that such laws had became tools to legitimize persecution of a particular strata in India, reports efficiently portray stark disparity between rate of conviction and rate of arrests.

Party outrightly rejected assertions made by Delhi police under Amit Shah which accuse Safoora for organizing peaceful protests against CAA and terming protests as cause to communal Voilence at Jafrabad in north east Delhi. The onus absolutely lies on Home Minister of India who was making inflammatory speeches asking people to press buttons of EVM’s so hard that current reaches Shaheen Bagh along with his colleagues Anurag Thakur, Parvesh Verma And Kapil Mishra.

Virulently ridiculing all principles of basic humanity, a pregnant lady is made to inhumanely undergo punishment just because she choose to exercise her rights by disagreeing with the Government of the day . Even international community including all major political parties in Kashmir as well as in India have expressed grave opposition to CAA and NRC. It is a planed strategy to disenfranchise Indian Muslims and reduce them to status of second class citizens.

These bills are not aimed to grant citizenship but in fact intend to take away citizenship of millions of Indian Muslims and hence opposing such laws democratically do not tantamount to any criminal activity as attributed by Modi brigade. Awami Itehad Party demands present day Government to come to senses, immediately release Safoora along with two other Activists and revoke all charges on them.

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