Termination Of Employees Injustice, Unjustified : Employees Unions Decry The Move

Srinagar: Government recent move to terminate services of government Employees has widely been resented by the Unions of Jammu and Kashmir who have described the move as injustice and unjustified.

In this regard an emergency meeting of prominent trade union bodies was held at Srinagar today which was attended by prominent and renowned trade union leaders of JK representing different employees trade bodies.

The leaders who attended the crucial meeting were Reyaz Ahmad Sofi, Mohd Rafique Rather, Aijaz Ahmad Khan, Syed G.R.Gilani, Ab Majeed Paray, G.M.Dhoobi, Shabir Ahmad Langoo, Ab. Qayoom Baig.

The Participants of the meeting unanimously expressed concern about the recent move of government in which three employees have been terminated from services.

The leaders said the move has created a sense of insecurity among the employees who have been working in extremely adverse working conditions and have put in their sweat and blood in the development of Jammu and Kashmir and added that the employees fraternity has always been loyal to the establishment despite working in hostile and adverse working conditions.

Participants of the meeting expressed dismay on the move of termination of employees and added that the victims have not to be given a chance to be heard and to put across their point in their defense. leaders further said that how can an employee be terminated without being declared guilty by a court of law further that constitution of the country guarantees every citizen of the country the rights and privileges which ought to be saved and protected by the government as well.

Leaders unanimously said that while dealing with the cases of victims due course of law and parameters of justice has not been followed which is against the spirit of the constitution.

Leaders decided to resent the move and formulate a joint strategy to tackle the issue with the government.in this regard, a broad-based meeting shall be convened soon after Eid.

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