The Blame Game Is New Trend in Kashmir Politics : Mudasir Tantary

The Blame Game is the new trend in Kashmir politics- Kettle Calling Pot Black, Mudasir Tantray, President All India People’s National Party, said in North Kashmir’s Handwara area on Saturday.

Tantary said, Kashmir Politicians are accusing each other during such demanding times of holding hand of each other can be interpreted in multiple discourses with the aim of influencing the social construction.

Scapegoating is one of the key discursive strategies used by National Conference, Peoples Conference, and Peoples Democratic Party to shift blame game following crisis, Tantray Said.

He added, In these hard times of survival aimed post COVID crisis instead of playing the blame game, our young and dynamic leaders should’ve been highlighting the issues about Shortage of Electricity, scarcity of drinking water, condition of roads, education Sector, Availability of facilities in Hospitals, Strategies for combating the hardships winter brings but they have their greedy bellies to fill with conquering Iron Throne aka to sit on chief Minister’s chair, Is it happening again? I bet not anymore.

Tantray said, it is hand folded requested to His Excellency Hon’ble Lt Governor J&K(UT) to neglect such chameleonic characters and focus on the issues that Kashmir is facing.

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