Non registered real estate goons present every where in Kashmir; Fahar Baba president IHRC appeal LG Administration to intervene

Youth Ambassador-IYS, President of International Human Rights Commission for Jammu and Kashmir Fahar Baba on Saturday said mushrooming of uncontrolled menace of unauthorized and non registered real estate goons spreading and strengthening their presence every where in Kashmir.

Alarming Increase of Unemployment ratio has lead to spread of dangerous circumstances in the valley. After drug addiction Kashmir is witnessing the uncontrolled and dangerously spreading of non registered real estate goons taking advantages of innocent middle class families buying and selling their properties at cheap rates in cooperation with corrupt revenue department personnel.

Fahar Baba said, such incidents are happening every day and everywhere in Kashmir. Fahar Baba further appeal to the Lieutenant Governor Administration Jammu and Kashmir to take strong action against such personal who are involved in these crimes. He further said I fail to understand why government is not taking measures to stop this crime.

It should be made mandatory that any person who shows interest to start real estate business needs to seek registration. I hope that government, will look into this matter seriously. He added.

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