Volunteer effort of Dr Basharat makes doctor fraternity proud

Pulwama: Dr Basharat Pandit (a renowned Gynaecologist) in a great humanitarian and professional gesture rushed to home of a pregnant lady who had spontaneous delivery at home.

The patient was Covid positive and was under home isolation. She had labour pain all the night but did not turn to hospital because of social stigma and the false perception of doctors and hospitals.

Dr. Basharat visited the home of patient after knowing the said patient has delivered at home.

Upon asking why did not they visit the hospital when she was in pain, the attendants and patient told that they do not trust doctors as they are responsible for the deaths of COVID patients in hospitals. In reply, Dr Basharat told them he too is a doctor.

By this gesture the attendants and the patient were speechless and highly thankful to the Doctor.

This gesture of Dr Basharat is being hailed by District administration ,civil society Pulwama and all the local citizens.

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