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Gowhar wani unsung hero of COVID19

Gowhar wani is a Journalist , Humanitarian activist and Writer from Kupwara Kashmir.He has been putting His efforts in the field from Last Two years and had earned a name in the field.

He completed his schooling from Higher secondary school Villagam in Year 2017.He was medical student and wanted to continue as a medico but the circumstances led by conflicts forced him to change his way and he joined journalism.

Aside being a journalist he is a Humanitarian activist .He has been working to shield vulnerable people, developing relationships and where possible helping families to stay together and alive.

‌Gowhar has been helping people and providing them shelter and raising funds for them.Till date he had raised funds for atleast 4 families and provided them a suitable place to stay in.He had reached areas where Govt and other NGO’s couldn’t reach, he said.

Gowhar said, Recently he helped a family where a an orphan sister was getting married (supported by two paralysed brothers) and had no source of income.He took the lead and and collected suitable amount needed for the marriage and brought a smile to the family.

Gowhar was picked up from his home by police and remained in Police custody for 21 days. Several leading blogs and Magazines reported Gowhar’s detention and condemned such attacks on Journalists.

While in Jail Gowhar Continued his work as a social worker where he met somebody and was told about the family conditions.Gowhar Promised to help him and later raised funds for the poor family living in a shed.Within a month or two. The family was shifted to a new beautiful house.

Gowhar also played a main role in digging out the drug peddlers in Kupwara, he said.

“Ever since the lockdown began, the lives of daily wage workers became miserable,” he said

“I distributed free food essential kits to the needy people.I also helped COVID patients in every little way possible and remains available for them 24×7,” he said.

Gowhar is arranging medicines and oxygen cylinders for Covid-19 patients by utilising all is contacts.

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