The Boutade

By Iqra Nazir,

Engulfed the frontier,
I, the weeny critter;
precipitated angst so severe,
Dread redefined, am I, the transmitter.

Curse me, dear homosapiens,
Prove your might, it’s time to;
Americans, Italians and Indians,
Mightier? Please display your crew.

For you, a name too bad
Corona, do you know, “Crown”, tis
Oh, look “CROWN” made you glad!
Opportunistic folks, here it is.

Disease, I am, a mere;
That didn’t choose bigotry,
That played very fair,
Do you feel the symmetry?

Pandemic, you call me,
Topsy turvy, I turned it all;
Likewise your crown and your decree,
Though unlike that unlettered brawl.

Nothing lasts, so won’t I;
Catastrophic, I am, I clarify,
Learn and take what came, thereby,
“Crown” shant win over “CROWN”, hereby

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