Attaching assets of Dr Farooq Abdullah by ED vengeful: NC

The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference district presidents, YNC, Legal Cell, Womens wing, Minority Wing on Monday reiterated that the measure of attaching the properties of Party President and Member of Parliament Dr Farooq Abdullah by Enforcement directorate terming it as political vendetta.

 In a joint statement they condemned the measure of attaching Party President’s properties as rancorous and coercive. Calling the EDs targeting of Party President symbolic of the repugnance which the ruling BJP nurtures for Opposition leaders, the party wings and District Presidents said such acts were nothing but unwarranted and unjustified. 

They said that there was no evidence worth the name on the record to justify the order of the attachment of the property. 

 “The ancestral properties had been acquired decades back, and there is no justification of the measure. It is nothing except political vendetta and an attempt to silence the leadership and dissuade it from voicing support to the political aspirations of the people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh, the list of properties includes two ancestral properties in which Dr Farooq Sahib has a minor share.

It reveals the desperation of the BJP which is using its agencies to settle political scores, “they said.  They said the sudden move against Dr Farooq Sahib has been taken to divert attention from the ground that BJP seems to be losing in J&K.

“it is not a coincidence that the BJP ordered this action on the day DDC polls ended because they know how badly they have fared and are now extracting their revenge in advance of the drubbing, they will receive at the hands of people,” the statement said.   

They said that the Party rank and file stands with the Party President and that such coercive and spiteful measures won’t dampen the spirits of party.

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