CBI inquiry ordered into ex-J&K Governor Satyapal Malik’s bribe allegations

A CBI inquiry has been ordered into the allegations of offering bribe of Satyapal Malik, who was the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir. The Jammu and Kashmir administration itself has recommended the CBI to investigate the matter for a fair investigation of the whole matter.

Malik had alleged that when he was the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, he was offered Rs 300 crore in return for clearing the files of the union and big industrial houses. However, he refused to accept the money and canceled the deals.

On October 17, in a program in Rajasthan, Malik had said, ‘Two files had come for my consideration… One of the secretaries told me that if I approve these, I can get Rs 150 crore each. I turned down the offer saying that I had brought five kurta-pyjamas (to Kashmir), and will just go with them.”

He further said, “But as a precaution, I took time from the Prime Minister and went to meet him. I told them this is a file, it is a scam, these are the people involved, and they take your name, so you tell me what to do.”

According to Malik, if these projects are not annulled, then I will resign and you can appoint someone else. But as long as I am here, I will not clear these files. I compliment the Prime Minister, he told me not to compromise on corruption at any cost.

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