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Climate change matter of concern

Anzar Mehraj: As far as the climate change is concerned it is very dynamic entity, the alarming situation of global warming across the world is a big concern ‘the continuous increase in concentration of carbon dioxide may cause the situation more tense.

Atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations in parts per million soon consistently rise over 400 parts per million and they are rising at a rate that will quickly take them to levels not seen since earth’s last mass extinction of life.

The feedback effects of increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations will multiply the pace and severity of climate change.

For example, rising global temperatures are already melting the permafrost in Alaska, resulting in dramatic release of methane gas that has been frozen in the permafrost for hundreds of thousands of years, and methane gas is, by a factor of ten, a more powerful agent of warming than carbon.

Add to this the fact that spirals of methane hydrates in the Artic, methane gas that has been frozen under the now-melting Artic ice, are now, according to a recent report from MIT scientists, blooming from the Artic Ocean in alarming quantities.

Although life in all forms is incredibly adaptable, the rapid pace of increases in carbon dioxide concentrations in parts per million and global temperatures will outpace the ability of many forms of life to adapt.

As a result, many forms of flora and fauna will become extinct.

In fact, this is already happening at an alarming rate, but these are facts that the fossil fuel industry doesn’t want us to believe or even know, and they’re doing all they can to discredit climate science.

In the US and other major international sources of fossil-fuel generated CO2, the industry has many apologist/deniers in the most powerful public policy positions.

It’s similar to the propaganda perpetrated by the tobacco industry when science first proved the links between smoking and cancer.

Implications of climate change for all life on earth, and the development of serious efforts to bring the resources and expertise of the international community to bear on solutions.

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