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Congress demands rollback of new land laws for JK

The Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) on Tuesday said the government statement on new land laws in the union territory was an attempt to mislead the people and called for rollback of these laws.

It questioned the official statement mentioning that bulk of agriculture land will not be transferred to people from outside the union territory.

“The statement is an attempt to mislead people on new land laws,” the party said.

The JKPCC said the new laws now allow land to be transferred to non-state subjects, depriving the people of Jammu and Kashmir of their rights.

“The amendments introduced in the Land Revenue Act is unacceptable to people of JK and Ladakh,” the party said.

“The laws now introduced were aimed at disempowering people, which is not only unfortunate but a serious matter and must be nullified to put an end to the fear and chaos that has struck the people in the shape of new land law,” it added. (PTI)

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