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COVID-19: Hajj Committee Announces Full Refunds

SRINAGAR: Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and no clear instruction from Saudi authorities, the Hajj Committee of India has announced full refunds for those who want to cancel their pilgrimage this year.

Such pilgrims have been asked to fill a form, attach a cancelled cheque and send it to the CEO of the Hajj Committee.

The circular says that only few weeks are left but there is no official communication from the Saudi authorities about this year’s Hajj, an annual ritual performed in Mecca by Muslims across the world in the last month of Islamic Hijri Calendar.

But this year, there is apprehension about the pilgrimage due to the pandemic which has affected Saudi Arabia too. Around two lakh people from India perform Haj annually, in which around 1.40 lakh go through the Haj Committee and rest through private tour operators. (IANS)

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