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Jail for those who refuse COVID-19 tests in UP

Srinagar: The Yogi Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh has warned of strict action including jail for those who do not cooperate in the state’s efforts to control the novel Coronavirus outbreak and spread misinformation or rumours to create panic in the society.

UP health minister Jai Pratap Singh said that the concerned authorities have been given power under section 3 of the Epidemic Diseases Act to take all necessary actions in the wake of the Corona virus outbreak.

“We will take action against any suspect if he/she refuses to get tested or runs away from authorities. Action will also be taken against any person who tries to hide such patients, misleads or obstructs the health team from conducting its duty. If required, offenders will also be sent to jail as per the law,” he said.

He said that the situation in the state was completely under control and there was no need for anyone to panic.

“People should take precautionary measures advised by the government. We will review the situation on March 20 when further decisions will be taken. We have given special training to 800 doctors and more than 1,200 beds have been reserved across the state in district hospitals and medical colleges,” the minister added.

The health minister also said that the state government has launched an awareness program, including in rural areas to inform people about the precautions that must be taken.

Schools, colleges, cinemas, multiplexes, gyms, swimming pools, clubs and institutes where examinations are not underway have already been shut down.

The government has also cancelled large gatherings.(INS)

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