Local women offer flowers to Hijab-clad students outside Kashmir University

Srinagar: Local women on Monday offered flowers to Hijab-clad students outside Kashmir University, reported news agency Kashmir News Trust.

The local ladies were seen waiting outside Kashmir University carrying flowers in their hands and they were offering the flowers to those students who had put on Hijab.

Hijab controversy has erupted in Indian southern state of Karnatka where a lesser-known Hindu outfit is demanding a ban on the Hijab in schools and colleges.

Speaking to news agency Kashmir News Trust, one of the women part of the group distributing flowers said that nobody has the right to decide about one’s attire. “Hijab is our choice and nobody can force and dictate us what we should wear or eat. Our beloved Prophet (PBUH) has maintained that women should wear veil and not mingle with men,” she said.

Earlier, in South Kashmir’s Shopian district, a protest in support of Hijab was lodged. (KNT)

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