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Meet first professional wrestler of J&K

Srinagar: A 23-year-old boy Arif Saleem Bohru, popularly known as Badshah Khan, turned first Professional wrestler from Jammu & Kashmir.

Saleem hails from the Neel area of the Ramban district of Jammu and Kashmir. He passes through many difficulties but he never gave up. He kept struggling and today he is known as Badshah Khan.

Arif belongs to a middle-class family, so he started working at a very young age to cope with his financial crises but deep down somewhere there was a wrestler growing inside his heart. “It was his father who inspired him by telling him stories about the Great Khali, these stories were about his struggle, hardship, and comforts. The purpose of these stories which his father tries to portray in the eyes of the little Arif when he was only 8 years,” he said.

Arif was 20 years old when he joined the CWE academy of the Great Khali. He had a great passion for learning wrestling from the Great Khali but everyone has to wait a long time for the best thing to happen, He spends his initial days under a certain trainer and attended small wrestling competitions. When he performed very well his confidence level boosted up. He started training with the professional wrestlers under the supervision of The Great Khali and won various wrestling competitions.

Arif considers the best movement of his life when he was entitled to the name Badshah Khan by Great Khali. Today Arif is considered as the toughest wrestler of the CWE. He has a very good record of winning matches around 85%.

Arif said that he hasn’t visited his home for almost 2 years and he was not able to go home on Eid or on any other occasion as his training would suffer. Arif Saleem is very dedicated to his wrestling.

Arif has become very famous on social media. His fighting videos have gone viral and his fan following has grown rapidly on Instagram, where he constantly shares his pictures and videos of wrestling events. He has also become an inspiration for the youth of India. He is a warrior and will never give up.

Arif laments that there are no facilities for training in Jammu and Kashmir. “ I will be happy if there will be any facility in Jammu and Kashmir,” he adds.

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