Sher-e-Kashmir a political Titan, his legacy will continue to resonate: NC

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir National Conference Minority and Legal cell on Tuesday expressed dismay over the efforts to belittle the contribution of Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah by the present regime and called him a political Titan whose legacy and struggle against tyranny will continue to resonate among the people of J&K.

Discarding the measure, NC said, nixing the name Sher e Kashmir from important icons and landmarks of Jammu & Kashmir is contemptuous and reflective of sordid witch-hunt aimed to belittle contribution of the tallest and respected leader of sub-continent. Party’s legal cell and minority wing said such measures expose the inherent revulsion towards Sher e kashmir.

“Dropping the name of Sheikh sahab who strived for the people of Jammu & Kashmir irrespective of caste, creed and religion and brought them out from years of despondency to prosperity is shocking. The prowling mammoth of bigoted politics, looming large in the country, has chosen to back paddle on the cherished ideals on which the foundations of country were laid. It is regretful to see New Delhi indulging in such sordid politics. It is appalling to see how memorials of a leader respected by all are witch-hunted by an establishment. We condemn the move unequivocally,” they said.

The leaders questioned why is it that a person who worked for the emancipation of all has become a scorn in the eyes of government. “Why is a democratic leader of his stature a sole target of government? When NC was in power, no such effort was made to change the nomenclature of existing institutions named after erstwhile Maharajas. But for the present regime, having our icons named after a tallest democratic leader sends jitters down their spine. Why is the present ruling dispensation so disrespectful of Sheikh Sahib’s contribution and legacy? We condemn the selective targeting of the tallest leader.”

While condemning dropping of the name of Sher e Kashmir from important icons, party’s legal wing and minority wing leaders said such christening of icons and landmarks after Sheikh Sahib’s name followed due attestation from the then legislature. “Naming the important icons in J&K after Sher e Kashmir represented a collective will of people, who through their chosen representatives named important institutions and land marks after Sheikh Sahib as a mark of acknowledgement of his struggle for the restoration of people’s rights.”

The legal wing functionaries who condemned the move include Adv Ishtiaq Qadri, Ad Jahangir Yaqoob, Ad Reyaz Khan, Ad Shabir Mir, Ad Ratan Lal Gupta. Minority wing organizer Sardar J S Azad, Bushan Lal Gupta, Janak Singh Sodi have also taken a strong exception to the move.

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