Covid-19: CRPF Distributes necessary item among needy in Shopian

Shopian: Ever since the lockdown was announced by Prime Minister Narender Modi, 14 Bn CRPF has been endeavoring to reach out to needy people in the Shopian district, an official statement reads.

The CRPF Shopiam and Madadgar helpline of CRPF have been conveying for social outreach to needy people and destitute who are struggling for a square meal during the lockdown, statement reads.

In this spirit of outreach, the office 
of 14 Bn CRPF identified a cluster of stranded migrant laborers/ poor locals in District Shopian, it reads.

It added, The CRPF Shopian were informed to come to the rescue of these stranded migrant laborers, by providing dry ration to them.

14 Bn immediately swung into action and after identifying the exact location where these migrant laborers were residing. The dry ration items and sanitization kits, comprising of a composite kit of ration items were neatly and hygienically packed has been distributed among them, statement claims.

The laborers were made to stand in queue within neatly drawn circles that ensured proper distance from one another. Also, they were constantly urged through mega phone to maintain social distancing, officials said.

The paramedic of 14 Bn sanitized their hands. All these poor and needy folks
were too happy after receiving the ration, statement reads.

“We are always for the help of people whenever any calamity occurs at our people.Today during this natural pandemic of Covid 19 we are as prepared as always,” said CO 14 BN CRPF,Vishal kandwal.

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