Police officer uses Gitaar to entertain quarantine people

Shabroz Malik

Pattan: Today in an another move from a police officer Mr.Mohammad Ashraf Mir (DO Mirgund) has done another commendable job to entertain the quarantined people at SSM college of Engineering and Technology Parihaspora.

As everybody was celebrating eid-ul-fytr at their respected homes, the officer feeled pain of those who were away from their luxury homes due to quarntine in his jurisdiction, The moment he felt that people who are quarantined at the ssm college which is near the historic monument known as “Kani Shahar” Parihaspora are missing their loved ones on this sepecial occasion of Eid-ul-fytr and are looking distressed and boring. He swing in action with a beautiful gitaar and starting entertaining these quarantined persons with gitaar in his hands along with his melodious voice.

Due to his take people who were feeling distressed starting singing with him left everything aside. This kindly gesture of dedicated officer brings smile on every faces of quarantined persons as if they are celebrating eid in their own homes with their family members.

Everybody took participation in this Gitaar function by maintaining social distance as well as medical advisories. Quarantined persons has welcomed this move. While talking to AK they told that they were very stressed and were missing their families but due to the conduct of this Gitaar event they really feel good and have been relaxed alot.

Local from area has also appreciated and thanked Mr.Ashraf for this timely stress release event and praised him alot.

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